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    get user encrypted password after saving the user

    Andy Peer Newbie

      Hi, I need to get the user encrypted password stored in gatein table and I use this query:


      select TEXT from JBID_IO a join JBID_IO_CREDEN b
                  on a.ID = b.IDENTITY_OBJECT_ID and a.NAME = '<username>' and b.CREDENTIAL_TYPE = 5


      This query works well when I select the password of a already exsisting user.

      The problem occurs when I create a new user via gatein API:


      OrganizationService organizationService = (OrganizationService)PortalContainer.getInstance().getComponentInstanceOfType(OrganizationService.class);
      // other user settings
      // Deprecated but previuos developers say we need it...
      //This method execute the initial query
      String encryptedPw = UsersDAO.getEncyptedPw(username_clean);


      encryptedPw is null!