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    Instance Cache/ Pool Configuration - JBoss3.0.0

    Uday Newbie

      Iam using JBoss 3.0.0 Embedded tomcat 4.0.3
      My current settings in standardjboss.xml are default :

      My application uses CMP 2.0. We have about 60 entity beans and 20 session beans, approx 100 concurrent clients.
      What should be the ideal cache and pool settings? We are running it on a 512MB Win2K machine 1Gig.
      Commit options are all default.

      At times when we are doing large imports, abt 20,000 - 30,000 records, using CMP create, we see a spike in memory usage and an Out of Memory Exception.From the bug report 588241, we guess its an instance cache problem, so can you suggest an optimum cache setting for the above mentioned scenario.

      If the load increases too high, shouldnt the caaching strategy handle it without giving Out of Memory Exception? and we shouldnt be manipulating memory on a case to case basis?

      We reduced the cache- capacity to 3000 from 1million, and the Out of Memory problem didnt occur, however what if the size of beans exceed the memory allocated even with 3000 max capacity?