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    Complete Process

    VinothKumar Srinivasan Newbie

      Hello JBPM Team,


      I am new to this JBPM . I have went through the eclipse editor , guvnor repository and JBPM console in user guide and learnt how to design the process in the eclipse editor and import it to the guvnor as well as vice versa .But, i am not much better with many functionalities.So kindly help me in this


      Please find the below Questions


      1. Once the process is created how to run the process and make the entire flow ( the process contains human tasks)


      2. How to create a forms in JBPM and add it to the users


      3. I created the process but i am struggling in starting the process, So kindly provide me the exact code to run the process


      4. How to add the attributes to the task


      5. How to add the different users to the different task




      How to make an entire flow with the JBPM process. KINDLY HELP ME IN THIS  


      Please find the attached jar file