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    A Java Mail resource adapter in jboss7, which allows email to trigger EJB3/Message-Driven Beans

    Simon Cigoj Newbie

      I'm porting an old seam2 application to jboss7 from jboss5


      I have a MDB which should be listening to incoming mails to some email account, in jboss5 it was done via mail-ra resource adapter and the @ResourceAdapter("mail-ra.rar") anotation attached to the MDB, I've googled a lot but i'm having dificulties finding any examples.


      I've found the mail-1.0.9.Final.rar resource adapter and deployed it in the standalone deploy foulder, but i'm geting the error


      JBAS014521: No message listener of type javax.jms.MessageListener found in resource adapter mail-1.0.9.Final


      when I deploy my app...I asume that it is probbably a configuration issue


      Any hints on this?