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    Message header is corrupted when talking to HornetQ via libstomp

    mtsvetkov Newbie

      I am trying to connect to a hornetq server, running embedded in a jboss server, from a C client using libstomp.

      The problem is that when I try to subscribe to a queue or send a message to it, hornetq throws a StompException saying that the client has to define a destination. I have defined the desination as a valid queue name, however when the message headers are parsed, instead of a map entry "destination -> /queue/FOO.BAR", I get "ation -> /queue/FOO.BAR".


      I have posted a stack overflow question with some more information - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13969149/wrong-destination-in-stomp-header-when-talking-to-hornetq-server

      The client code is just a libstomp example; the only changes are the passphrase, queue name, and I had to add the pool argument to the stomp_write calls.


      From what I can tell, the C client is setting the header entry correctly, so the problem is somewhere in the parsing on the server side.

      Any suggestions?