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    Paging vs. Large Messages Performance

    Andrew Bernhagen Newbie



      I'm relatively new to working with HornetQ and wanted to ask a question about tuning for maximum performance.  I understand how both paging and large messages work.  My question is, which is slower, and by how much?  I don't know a way to accurately measure HornetQ throughput in these 2 situations as they happen in fairly different scenarios to get straight up comparisons.  I'm wondering as I could consider turning down my large message size to allow more messages to fit in memory and thus allow for a smaller chance of paging, or I could turn up the large message size and allow more messages to process through memory, but with a much higher chance of entering paging.  On the surface, it seems even as they both require disk access, and if anything, large messages require 2 disk entries to store the method and update the journal, I believe.  My current project uses JBoss for transferring documents.


      So, my end question is how much lower is HornetQ throughput when sending a message from paging vs. sending a large message?