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    SwitchYard RESTEasy Binding with multiple Get Parameters (Strings)

    Yusuf Bata Newbie

      SwitchYard has a helpful RESTEasy binding which allows you to map a RESTFul implementation (RESTEasy) to a SwitchYard service. The RESTEasy Resource Interface is simply annotated with JAX-RS annotations, and is registered as a rest binding in the switchyard.xml file.


      The standard for RESTFul Get method requests is to use 0 or more HTTP Request parameters. Operations on the SwitchYard service interface are however limited to only one input parameter. The problem seems to be that the RESTEasy Resource Interface must conform to the SwitchYard service interface structure, and the operations on the RESTEasy interface are therefore also limited to only one input parameter. Is this correct, or am I missing something?