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    jump to tabpanel id

    dierchivu dier Newbie



      is the below scenario possible.


      I have two xhtml site. The first a.xhtml has <h:commundButton value="Button" action="#{bean.methode}" />

      bean class


      public String methode(){

                return "b.xhtml#tab2";



      I want jump to b.xhtml tab2. Only return "b" is ok, but b.xhtml#tab2 is not corretly. Is this possible?


      The second class b.xhtml, has three tab


           <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax" id="tp" headerPosition="top" headerLocation="center">

                  <rich:tab header="First" id="tab1">

                      Here is tab #1


                  <rich:tab header="Second" id="tab2">

                      Here is tab #2


                  <rich:tab header="Third">

                      Here is tab #3