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    JavaScript file order

    spinacz Newbie


      I have template xhtml file for page. I include there head_section.xhtml file where is added few js files"


      <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery-min.js" target="head"/> 
       <h:outputScript library="javascript"  name="fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js" target="head"/> 
       <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.newsticker.pack.js"  target="head"/> 
       <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="ui.tabs.pack.js"  target="head"/> 
       <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.cookie.js"  target="head"/> 
       <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.simplemodal.js"  target="head"/>         



      Is possible to force JSF and richfaces 4 load this javascript files after jquery from RichFaces?



      Can someone explain how it works? I mean about loading js and css file to JSF with RF.




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          Ilya Sorokoumov Master

          Are you placing your h:outputScript into h:head or h:body tag?(If you do put them into h:head, try h:body instead)

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            spinacz Newbie

            Hi, sory for a break, i had other tasks to do.


            Yes, i tried use "body" instead head. It didn't help.


            Now i have this entries in my head_section.xhtml:


                                <!-- JSF -->
                                <h:outputScript name="jsf.js" library="javax.faces" target="head"/>
                                <!-- RichFaces -->
                                <h:outputScript name="jquery.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript name="richfaces.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript name="richfaces-queue.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript name="richfaces-base-component.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript name="status.js" library="org.richfaces" target="head"/>
                                <!-- FS3 -->
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery-min.js" target="head" rendered="false"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.newsticker.pack.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="ui.tabs.pack.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.cookie.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="jquery.simplemodal.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="MyScript1.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="MyScritp2.js" target="head"/>
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="MyScript3.js" target="head"/><!--tylko SG-->
                                <h:outputScript library="javascript" name="scripts.min.js" target="head"/>


            In rendered html before </head>, there are ale files in the samse order like above, but javascrip function doesn't work. In the console frome developer tools i saw

            Uncaught ReferenceError: mainFunction is not defined"

            but file with function MyScript1.js is loaded after javascript from JSF and RF4.


            probably i miss something, but i have no idea what should i check