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    Standalone JTA capabilities

    Oscar cs Newbie



      I am building a standalone application with JBoss EJB Client and JBoss JTA (not JBoss JTS).


      I have sucessfully connected with a JBoss AS server and control de transaction demarcation from the client, thats is, the client starts a transaction, makes several calls to many SLSBs and then commits the transaction.


      i know that I could do all of this without JBoss JTA, using the EJB client only but I am planning to use them in a more complex way. I want to use JTA to make a compound transaction from the client including a JMS read and a EJB call all in one single transaction. Both the JMS reading and the EJB call are done at this client standalone application.


      Does anyone know if this is usecase is feasible without JTS and IIOP?



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Yes, but ...


          If you have one single server you havn't a problem.

          If you have multiple servers you have to ensure that all calls related to the Tx are running within the same JMV.


          That mean all SLSB's and JMS access need to connect the same JBoss instance.

          You may use TxStickyness, I suppose it will work with JMS also.


          But it can be problematic.

          If it is possible I would prefer a single SLSB as wrapper to do all the stuff with a single call, this might also have a better performance as you have to spend time for serialization, network latency ....