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    how to deploy rmi service/ api service separately / together on jboss as 7.1.1

    Arvind Chari Newbie

      Hello all,


      First of all I am very new to JBoss hence pardon me if my questions seem silly to you...


      I want to deploy a Java web app that contains a REST API as well as an RMI service in it.

      These are the questions/issues that I have--

      (1) Is it OK to have the API and RMI both in same web app? Or should I split them into different web apps?

      (2) Let's assume that the domain to which I want the web app to be deployed is http:// test. mydomain. com/-- I have set this as the domain for management console (ie now JBOSS management console opens at http:// test. mydomain .com:9990/) -- is that all I have to do, to make the web apps work with their domains at http:// test. mydomain. com/ ? Or is there some further configuration that I have to do?

      (3) How do I set up the SSL certificate for http:// test .mydomain .com ?

      (4) How do I set up the RMI service to work with SSL...Where do I generate the CSR request/ enter the response (to create a fully functional SSL Certificate for my domain).

      (5) Will the API (which is part of same web app) also work with SSL (ie https://test.mydomain.com/testcall ) or will the RMI->SSL and REST API work without SSL?

      (6) I have created the API using Spring. How do I deploy that web app (either containing both RMI and API services or only containing the API service- depending on your answer to point 1 above) in JBOSS?

      (7) Finally at what port will the RMI service and the API service respectively work? How do I set these ports to default HTTPS port(for RMI and maybe API service as well-- or HTTPS --> RMI and HTTP-->API).