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    Ove Ranheim Novice

      What does a beanlock mean, and what are the sideeffects. Can't find info in the docos.

      What I do is to construct a new entity in ejbPostCreate.

      16:34:04,493 INFO [BeanLock] NON_ENTRANT invocation


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          Ove Ranheim Novice

          I still can't find out why this happens. I use 3.0.2 dist.

          Can anyone help out?


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            Dain Sundstrom Master

            This should not be an info message. It means that in invocation has been sent to the bean that is not and entrant call. Even if the bean is marked a not reentrant, some calls are non entrant by the ejb specification. For example, getPrimaryKey and isIdentical are non entrant calls. Also relationships are implemented using message passing and these message are not entrant.

            Anyway, you can safely ignore this message.