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    Mailing code fails when running over the server

    Iván Pazmiño Novice



      I have some very simple code to send an email using the Java Mail API.


          public void send(final Email email) throws MessagingException {
              final Properties smtpConfig = readSmtpConfig();
              final Session session = startSessionFor(smtpConfig);
              final Message message = composeNewMessage(session, email);


      The configuration is read from a file, the session is started using a username and a password, the message is composed coping some fields from a pre-loaded email class and send just invokes




      This works just fine if the class is invoked from JUnit, but when I try to run it from the server it doesn't work and doesn't throw any exception either.


      I don't use at all the server descriptor standalone.xml because I need to be able to modify the properties file at runtime.


      Any ideas what should I try to at least get an exception?


      Thanks in advance.