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    Injecting custom resource factory with @Resource

    Andrew Winter Newbie

      Dear JBoss Experts


      I want to inject my own resource factory into a RESTful service using @Resource. For example,




      class Foo extends Application {


                private MyFactory factory;



      I've created a deployment unit processor that registers a new resource reference processor with EEResourceReferenceProcessorRegistry, like this:


      public void deploy(DeploymentPhaseContext dpc) throws DeploymentUnitProcessingException {

              EEResourceReferenceProcessorRegistry registry = dpc.getDeploymentUnit().getAttachment(


              registry.registerResourceReferenceProcessor(new MyFactoryResourceReferenceProcessor());



      My DUP is installed in phase POST_MODULE with priority 0 so it gets executed before ResourceInjectionAnnotationParsingProcessor.


      The problem is, injection is not happening. When I  invoke a method on my web service I get the error:


                javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: env/com.acme.WebService/factory


      ResourceInjectionAnnotationParsingProcessor seems to be creating a BindingConfiguration using local context name "com.acme.WebService/factory" and the correct value source but the BindingConfiguration is added to the class description, like this:


                DeploymentUnit deploymentUnit = dpc.getDeploymentUnit();

                EEModuleDescription eeModuleDescription = deploymentUnit.getAttachment(Attachments.EE_MODULE_DESCRIPTION);

                EEModuleClassDescription classDescription = eeModuleDescription.addOrGetLocalClassDescription("com.acme.WebService");



      but if the binding is added to the module description, like this, injection works:


                DeploymentUnit deploymentUnit = dpc.getDeploymentUnit();

                EEModuleDescription eeModuleDescription = deploymentUnit.getAttachment(Attachments.EE_MODULE_DESCRIPTION);



      Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      I'm using JBoss 7.1.1.Final. My deployment unit is a WAR. I've got an empty beans.xml file and CDI generally is working.


      Thanks all