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    Roadmap regarding JSF 2.2 ?

    Juergen Zimmermann Master

      Can anybody of the developers explain something about the coarse roadmap regarding JSF 2.2? For planning reasons it would be good to know at which RichFaces release or in which quarter (assuming 2013) will be a switch to e.g. Mojarra 2.2.x. Thanks in advance!

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          Brendan Healey Master

          Hi Juergen, I'm not part of the dev team but I asked a similar question on the development forum some time ago. With vivid memories of

          the lengthy interval between the releases of JSF 2 and RF4 fresh in my mind I was as keen as you to establish what we're looking at, like

          you for planning purposes.


          The responses suggested that it wouldn't be that big a deal to get a RF release to support 2.2 but it would be better to hear this from

          someone who knows what they're talking about.