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    Photoalbum Model Controller

    omid pourhadi Apprentice


      I'm trying to develop a Seam 2.2 application on Jboss 4.2 as photoalbum did.

      while I was reviewning photoalbum code, I encountered somethign strange.


      in photoalbum example, Controller is responsible for reseting model as follow




      model.reset(template, selectedEntity); //shelfEditInfo.xhtml, shelf


      and model is responsible for managing entites and pages which are set by controller





      <ui:include src="#{model.navigationEnum.template}" /> // load template which is set by controller


      so far so good. 


      The problem is when you bind a form to model.selectedEntity. after controller resets model and form is loaded, everything is fine but since there is no conversation is running when you post a from which is defined as follow :





      <h:inutText value="#{model.selectedShelf.name}" /> //only loads data and generates exception in post


      selectedShelf must be null and the exception is : target unreachable : selectedShelf is return null.


      But I don't know how it's working in photoAlbum example. Does anyone have any idea ?


      PS : I'm using richfaces 3.3.1