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    IPC issue

    drwho Newbie

      Hi, I have a simple requirement where I would have a producer portlet that produces an event via IPC inside it a payload and a consumer portlet that will consume the payload then update the view with the new content cosumed from the payload. I think the producer and consumer are working as I am getting some feedback in the form of  system.out print out and the following in the console:


      Events were generated outside the scope of an AJAX call, hence will make a full render of the page


      But in the view rendering phase it would only render the default view not the new view with content from the payload in the IPC.


      The informational message above combined with my portlets not working make it seem like a full render of the page will prevent the individual portlets from refreshing their content?


      Maybe similar issue as well? (https://community.jboss.org/message/732000)


      I am currently using Juzu and have cross posted on their user goup as well. Let me know the solution as soon as possible...