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    Correct workflow for creating bpmn2 processes

    Gareth Edwards Newbie



      What is the recommended workflow for creating bpmn2 diagrams.

      I find that I can start a diagram with the eclipse plugin (either one) and check it in to the guvnor. I can edit it with the drools-guvnor web app.

      After a while, I think after using the latest bpmn2 plugin, the web editor start complaining about ...Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: The feature 'processAnalysisData's type 'ProcessAnalysisDataType' does not permit a value of type 'AnyType'

      and the diagram will not display using drools-guvnor.


      They seem inconsistent with each other.  Some process editors are better for adding variables etc.

      Some nice how-to guides would be nice.


      Somebody must have had success.  I'm not doing anything complicated yet.


      Maybe I should ditch the latest eclipse plugin.