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    JCRPersistenceTest out of date?

    ferret1964 Newbie

      I was building the latest master branch of the project and the build is failing in JCRPersistenceTest which is checking the size of the artifacts against a statis value in the test. The static values do not match the artifacts I find in the project. The size difference is large and does not follow a pattern. My belief if the sample artifacts have changed without this test being updated. Can anyone verify this is indeed the case?


      The fragments that are failing are all in the form of:


      Assert.assertEquals(new Long(2376l), ((XsdDocument) artifact).getContentSize());


      Such a static value check seems fragile. If this is indeed and iisue and anyone has a good suggestion for a better check i can go ahead and create a JIRA issues and put together a patch.\


      The Failures are:


      Failed tests:







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          Eric Wittmann Apprentice

          That's interesting - it works for me and I've tested it on FC17 and Windows 7.  And I know Kurt has tested it on a Mac.  Oh, and the automated build system is working as well!


          You mentioned the difference in values is large - can you provide the values?  Can you check the file sizes of the files in src/test/resources/sample-files (the files the test is using)?