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    CMR for multiple entity beans mapping to the same table

    Eddie Fang Newbie

      Hi all:

      I have multiple entity beans--i.e PersonBean, AdministratorBean, EmployeeBean--where they all map to the same table (PersonBean has all of the base table's columns, and AdministratorBean and EmployeeBean have a subset of the columns). These entity beans all have their own unique relationships with other beans, as well as with each other.

      Right now I have <create-table>true<create-table> for the main bean (PersonBean)as specified in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml and <create-table>false<create-table> for the other 2 beans (AdministratorBean, EmployeeBean). All the CMPs work fine right now; but as expected, the CMR doesn't work for AdministratorBean and EmployeeBean, since jboss does not create the required foreign key fields for them.

      question: is there a way to configure this so that i can have both the CMRs and auto-creation of tables, or should i give up auto-creation of tables altogether and just make the columns manually?

      thanks in advance!!