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    Having the join how do I get the data back?

    Mark LaPolla Newbie

      Now that I have a gotten the EJB QL to work, how do I recover the data.

      I am using JBuilder7 and now my EJB QL looks like this:

      select object(a) from Account a, SubscriberAccount sa where a.accountid = sa.accountid and sa.subscriberid = ?1

      All well and good. But when I get my RemoteInterface back, it does not include the results from the sa table. They getSubscriber() method has no remote interface and when I put one on it, I get an error stating that a client is not allowed to directly access the data form a CMP RDBMS persistence manager.

      So, how do I get this Cartesian product back to the client?

      Do I have to process it on the server and send it back as a value object? Or a collection of value objects? That seems bogus.