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    CMR - Many to Many with composite primary keys

    sekhar Newbie

      I am defining a many to many relation ship between 2 entities both having composite primary keys. In addition to it, both having the same fk which is part of their primary keys.

      While writing the relationship in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file, there are 2 columns each for the relationship-role. out of which one column is same here and there. We have the JOIN TABLE which is created already having only 3 columns.

      now the problem is when we try to insert a new record in join table using CMR.add(Collection), an SQL Exception is thrown indicating column not foung. i looked at the server log, for no surprasise it has 2 + 2 columsn in QUERY with the column name repeted.
      Anyone had faced this proble? support is greatly appreciated -