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    Oracle sequences and PKs

    Mark LaPolla Newbie

      If I want to create a PK, in oracle, I can use a sequence to create the next PK for me. How do I map an e bean or in some other way access that sequence so that I can have a unique PK each time.

      I could use a table an map an e bean to it but that's not as nice as using Oracle sequences.

      Basically, what I am asking, is on insert, where do you come up with the appropriate PK? Do you have a finder that looks for the largest PK in a table and adds one?

      I'd rather use an Oracle sequence but I cannot seem to access them at all.

      Thanks again.

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          Alexey Loubyansky Master

          It's possible using unknow primary key.

          In ejb-jar.xml prim-key-class must be java.lang.Object and no primkey-field.

          ejbCreate method must return java.lang.Object and findByPrimaryKey must take the parameter of type java.lang.Object.

          In jbosscmp-jdbc.xml you should place something like this:
          <!-- pk-sql generated unknown-pk; overriding default sql -->

          <entity-command name="pk-sql">
          SELECT SEQ_2279_1.nextval FROM DUAL

          This is supported in Branch_3_2.