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    Vfs-nested.tmp consumes to much space

    Eduard Correa Newbie

      Happy new year to all JBoss Developers...

      Im concerned about the performance from my new installation of JBoss AS 5.0.0GA. on a Windows Server 2008.
      Im developping an application based on Seam and Richfaces, which was deployed in the new JBoss AS 5 server
      Everything was going well until I began to detect errors and delays in the deployment time of my application.
      One of many solutions that I thought was to reboot the server and clean up some temporary directories (log, tmp, work), the surprise
      was when I noticed that the directory located within TMP: vfs-nested.tmp consumed nearly 80 GB of my hard drive in just one day of operation.
      These 80 GB were consumed by jar libraries which are the same but with different name.
      I do not know if I made a bad server configuration or if it is a problem that the JBoss Community should fix soon?

      Somebody could help me to solve this problem?

      Thank you very much..!!!