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    Jbpm 3.2.13 integration with Spring

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      In the past while integrating  Jbpm 3.2.6.SP1 with Spring 2.5.5, we had used the Spring-Jbpm integration code written by Jorambarrez ( http://www.jorambarrez.be/blog/2009/04/17/integrating-jbpm3-with-spring-part1/). This was working fine, but recently there was migration of JBPM workflow to JBOSS SOA-P 5.3 enterprise edition. This version of SOA-P uses JBPM 3.2.13 jars and we found that the spring - JBPM integration code no longer works.


      Right now we are not in the postion to migrate to JBPM 5 , so this is not a option.


      It would be very helpful, if anyone has written Spring-Jpbm 3.2.12 integration code or can give some pointers to solve the issue.



      Thanks in advance,