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    Will SwitchYard have websocket

    shadowman Newbie

      Will you include websocket capabilities into SwitchYard?

      If so when will that happen?

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          Keith Babo Master

          We don't have a dedicated websocket gateway at this point, but you could always use the Camel websocket component within SwitchYard.  You just need to package the component as an AS 7 module with necessary dependencies and then use the camel URI binding in your switchyard.xml to bind services and references to a websocket endpoint.

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            shadowman Newbie

            Thank you Keith for your answer

            But will you have one,a dedicated websocket gateway, in the near future?

            Is it being planned? This year? Next year perhaps?


            I'm using JBossESB on my project at the moment.

            And I'm testing out a few different websocket gateways to work with it.

            So at this point I'm thinking ahead into the future.

            If JBossESB will someday be replaced by SwitchYard, (or Fuse?)

            That means I will have to also replace it, so I may have to start planning.


            BTW, I watched your presentation on youtube.  It was excellent.

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              Keith Babo Master

              To answer your question directly, I don't currently see a scenario where we would write our own websocket gateway from scratch.  The reason being that there is already a Camel component which handles this and if we add support for websocket bindings in SY, we would use that component to do it.  A bit of background will probably help fill in the blanks ...


              There are basically four types of gateway bindings available in SwitchYard:


              1) Gateways that we created directly in the SwitchYard project. Examples: RESTEasy, JCA, SOAP, ...

              2) Camel components which we wrap as gateways so they look like native gateways in the platform.  Examples: File, FTP, JMS, TCP/UDP, Schedule, ...

              3) Support for adding your own camel component and using an endpoint URI to configure it.

              4) Support for creating your own gateway from scratch and plugging it into the runtime and config model.


              Right now, the websocket binding would fall in category (3).  If there's enough interest (and possibly community help), we can look at moving it to (2).  The only difference between (2) and (3) in this context is having dedicated tooling support in Eclipse, pre-packaged component libraries in the distribution, and an XML-constrained configuration model.


              Going back to your JBoss ESB and SwitchYard question, the good news is that you can use the same approach for both right now.  JBoss ESB has a Camel gateway which can be used to turn any camel component into a JBoss ESB gateway.  SwitchYard has the same type of capability, so you can use the same underlying component implementation in both projects.


              Fuse will not replace SwitchYard.  They are complementary and both will be included in our upcoming integration suite platform.  For more details on that, I would check out the "Integration Platforms and ESBs: Overview, Directions, and Roadmap" presentation from JBoss Integration Week here:





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                Magesh Bojan Master

                Hi Amarin,


                To add to Keith's answer you can include other camel components to SwitchYard distribution. Here is an article that can assist you in adding a new camel module dependecy to AS7+SwitchYard distro. Let us know if you run into any problems.



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                  shadowman Newbie

                  Thank you Keith. This is very illuminating.

                  I'll defenitely look into this.


                  Thank you Magesh for the help.