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    Serialized CMP object can't be de-serialized outside JBoss

    Cindy Conway Newbie

      I'm using JBoss-3.0.3/Tomcat-4.1.12

      I have an application that must run in both JBoss and Weblogic. Some of my beans have collections that are serialized to the database using CMP.

      The problem is that if I let JBoss serialize and persist an object, when I try to access the serialized object while my application is running against Weblogic I get a ClassNotFoundException because the serialized object is somehow related to org.jboss.invocation.MarshalledValue.

      How do I make JBoss CMP serialize objects in an app-server independent way?

      Incidently, if I allow Weblogic to create the same object, JBoss can de-serialize it with no problems.

      Also, just adding the jboss.jar to the classpath for weblogic fixes the class not found, but then another related exception appears. I really need to get the MarshalledValue object out of the picture.

      Any ideas on how I can do that?