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    How to get "ajaxComplete"-like event for a4j:mediaOutput?

    vitamon Newbie


      I need to use a4j:mediaOutput component with an area map.

      The map should be updated every time the image is generated.

      The problem is the map is rendred _before_ the actual image is rendered and loaded.

      So I need some callback to refresh my map after the image is loaded. Please suggest a proper way to to this.


      <a4j:mediaOutput usemap="#myMap" element="img"

                               cacheable="false" session="false"






      <a4j:outputPanel id="mapGroup">

              <map name="myMap">

                  <a4j:repeat value="#{imageMapBean.imageMapAreaList}" var="area">

                      <area shape="rect"

                            coords="#{area.bounds.x}, #{area.bounds.y},#{area.getRightX()},#{area.getBottomY()}"

                            onclick="openLink('#{area.blockId}');return false;" href="#"/>