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    how to fill a task properties in order to get fields on generated tasks forms ?

    Feki Ahmed Newbie


      By reading the " Generation of process and task forms" paragraph on the 10th chapter of the jbpm user guide i know that :


      <<Designer will iterate through

      BPMN2 process and create forms for it, and each of the human tasks in that process. It uses the defined process variables and human task data input/output parameters and associations to create form fields. >>




      <<In order for process and task forms to be generated you have to make sure that your process has it's id parameter set, as well that each of your human tasks have the TaskName parameter set. Task forms contain pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so they are easily editable in any HTML editor. >>



      but i still don't know how to fill tasks properties to get fields on generated forms and which langage/syntaxe to use while filling them.

      i ve tried to write ; "String name;" on the "DataInputset" and in the "InputDataItem" but still have empty generated forms..



      i didn't neither find any tutorial about how to properly use the oryx designer.


      thnx to resolve this problem.