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    InfinispanDirectory, two Cluster

    Vova Kurilow Newbie

      Hello together,


      I use Lucene with InfinispanDirectory because we have two mashines and we need to bind them in a cluster.


      in documentation of Infinispan I found following limitation:

      "As when using an IndexWriter on a filesystem based Directory, even on the clustered edition only one IndexWriter can be opened across the whole cluster."



      If I have the same application on two or more nodes, how can I know that the IndexWriter is already opened on other node???


      my code is:

      EmbeddedCacheManager manager = new DefaultCacheManager("infinispan.xml");

      Cache<Object, Object> cache = manager.getCache("customerIndexerCache");


      customerIndexDirectory = new InfinispanDirectory(cache, "customerIndex");

      writer = new IndexWriter(customerIndexDirectory, config);


      My infinispan.xml has following cache entry:

         <namedCache name="customerIndexerCache">

            <clustering mode="replication" />



      when I execute this code on two nodes, then I make

              writer = new IndexWriter(customerIndexDirectory, config);

      on two nodes.


      Both nodes take data from the same source and will try to create lucene documents and add to the writer. Should I avoid it somehow in my source, or does infinispanDirectory it for me?



      thank you for your answer.