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    Trouble building HornetQ from Github

    Joshua Davis Expert

      Hey fellow HornetQ-ers.   I was trying to do some experimenting with embedded HornetQ, and I discovered the embedded examples in the Github master branch.   I tried to build it, but the build fails in the Twitter Integration module:


      Probably something to do with the Artifactory maven repository cache I use, but I'm not sure what it is.



      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      [INFO] Building HornetQ Twitter Integration 2.3.0.BETA-SNAPSHOT

      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      [WARNING] The POM for org.twitter4j:twitter4j-core:jar:2.1.2 is missing, no dependency information available

      Downloading: https://artifactory.mycompany.com/artifactory/remote-repos/org/twitter4j/twitter4j-core/2.1.2/twitter4j-core-2.1.2.jar

      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


      [INFO] HornetQ Twitter Integration ....................... FAILURE [0.444s]


      [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project hornetq-twitter-integration: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.hornetq:hornetq-twitter-integration:jar:2.3.0.BETA-SNAPSHOT: Could not transfer artifact org.twitter4j:twitter4j-core:jar:2.1.2 from/to repo (https://artifactory.mycompany.com/artifactory/remote-repos): Failed to transfer file: https://artifactory.mycompany.com/artifactory/remote-repos/org/twitter4j/twitter4j-core/2.1.2/twitter4j-core-2.1.2.jar. Return code is: 409, ReasonPhrase:Conflict. -> [Help 1]


      It looks like my Artifactory installation is having trouble with this particular version of twitter4j.   Maybe I should point it at the twitter4j repository?