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    Remoting3 configuration on JBoss AS7

    Saravanan Muthusamy Newbie



      We are migrating to  JBoss AS 7.1 from AS5.1.0. Our client is a standalone, which will establish a remote MBeanServerConnection as a stub using JRMPInvoker. Our services are registered as JMX MBean's and performs invocation on service methods using remote MBeanServerConnection. 


      Now, on JBoss AS7, we need to use remoting to perform RMI invocations from standalone client. I see couple of examples explaining the way to do an EJB invocations from remote client, in my case i want to get remote MBeanServerConnection and perform invocations to the MBeanServer. can any one point me to a wiki/document explaining the procedure for remote JMX MBean invocations using remoting on JBoss AS7?.

      I know we can get remote MBeanServer connection(JMXConnectorServer) using JMXConnectorServerFactory.newJMXConnectorServer(url, null, "SERVER"), but i want to have failover and load balancing stuffs to happen at client side.