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    Strange Relation SQL

    Paul O'Connor Newbie

      I have a 1-n relation between an entity bean called 'ProductionPart' and one called ProductionPartNotes. ProductionPartNotes has a FK of 'pp_id' and a primary key of 'pkey'. ProductionPart (the 1-side of the relation) has a String PK called 'partNumber'. Here is the realtion excerpt from the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml:


      When I invoke 'getNotes' on the parent bean, the CMP container tries to invoke some very strange SQL:

      SELECT pp_id, key FROM ProductionPartNote WHERE (pp_id=?) OR (pp_id=?) OR (pp_id=?) OR (pp_id=?) OR (pp_id=?)

      which causes a SQLException (of course).

      I would have expected to see this for the SQL:

      SELECT pkey from ProductionPartNote WHERE (pp_id=?)

      Anyone run into this before?

      Many Thanks in Advance