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    Navigation move takes too long

    Jan Tilo Henseler Newbie

      Hi all,


      currently we have a problem in moving navigation nodes in the portal.


      We are working on GateIn 3.5.0, but the Problem is also reproducable in GateIn 3.4.0.


      Navigation nodes are created by an automated process. The amount of nodes is high. (1000 nodes, with an navigation depth up to 5 levels)

      If we try to move a node (with subnodes), the changes are persisted after about 2-3 hours.


      I measured the time the navigationService.saveNode() method takes to finished. This is about 2min.

      Afterwards I looked into the JCR, but the changes are not saved.


      As already said, the changes can be seen in JCR (and on the web frontend) after about 2 or 3 hours.


      Do be sure that my implementation is not the problem, I moved the navigation by using the standard "Edit navigation" functionality, with same results.


      Does anybody has a suggestion how to decrease the time of saving.


      Btw.: The time of saving increased after we switched to GateIn 3.4.0. In older versions the time was not such a big problem.


      I am grateful for any help.



      Jan Tilo