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    Brad Makwana Newbie

      Happy New and Hello to you all. I am new to Jboss and so Question?


      What is a good place start, we have a jboss implemented on our app servers and when they go down we have a lot script in error logs and I need to learn what is goling on. So objective is to learn how to read what is causing the issue and what to ignore.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          What version of JBoss AS?

          What OS? (Not key to understanding problem, but helpful in giving you instructions)


          All I can recommend is to look for the first ERROR entry in the log. Such an entry will usually have a stack trace with it, and the error message. Pay special attention to the "caused by" entries in the stack trace - they will lead you to the root cause for the exception.


          If you need more help than that, post the first ERROR entry in the log, along with the full stack trace.