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    java.util.Date mapped in MySQL is off by one hour

    dragos popa Newbie

      I am using Jboss 3.0.3 with Tomcat4.1.12 with MySQL 3.23.38, all of them are running on the same machine(XP).The XP timezone is PDT, and the MySQL timezone is also PDT. I do not is if possible to set the Jboss timezone...

      The java.util.Date is mapped as:


      If want to store the current date it is off by one hour.

      try {
      archiveInfoLocal = archiveInfoLocalHomeRef.create(1);
      } catch(CreateException e) {
      throw new EJBException( e );
      archiveInfoLocal.setStartTime(new Date());

      I also checked the mySQL db log and it receiving the datetime off with one hour.

      Any ideeas please? Any help Greatly appreciated!:)

      Best Regards,