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    Transaction problem

    Piet Boeykens Newbie


      I want to create a number of records in a database-table in let's call it a batch.

      To update the table I have an entity bean.
      The batch processing is managed by a stateless session bean that creates a lot of entity-bean instances (via the create method).

      The code below is a simplified part of my session-bean-method
      (all declarations are done before)

      for (int counter = 0; counter < primKeys.size(); counter++)
      key = primKeys.get(counter);

      // Find the data in the source table
      mySourceRemote = mySourceHome.findByPrimaryKey(primKey);
      MyDataObject dataObject = mySourceRemote.getData();

      // Some processing

      myDestHome.create(dataObject );


      For each item in the loop the data is successfully retrieved from the sourcetable and successfully stored in the destination table.
      My problem :
      Every time the create is executed, the container calls the ejbStore-method from all previous created entity-beans in the loop.
      OK, there's nothing to store an nothing will happen on the database but I don't want this overhead.
      Can anybody tell me why this happens ?

      I'm using BMP.
      The entity bean has transaction attribute : Required.
      So the transaction starts when the session-bean-method is called and ends at the end of this method.
      All creates are in the same transaction.

      Thanx for your help,