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    Defining Type of Target List in rich:pickList

    Fahim Ashraf Newbie

      Hi all, i am a bit new to RichFaces. my question is regarding <rich:pickList>.i have a source list that contains items of type SelectItem and i want to add the same Object type items in target list but target list converts them into java.lang.String. moreover, i have defined bothe lists as SelectItem lists in my bean, but even then target list gets String type of items. any idea how to get the desired type of Objects in Target List.


      Following text elaborates my way of defining picklist


      <rich:pickList value="#{gpCasBean.indlsList}" id="_indlPickList"                                         sourceListWidth="150px" targetListWidth="150px">

                   <f:selectItems value="#{gpCasBean.indlsByGpList}"/>



      and bean's code is

      public class GpCasBean



      private List<SelectItem> indlsList; // Target list for PickList

      private List<SelectItem> indlsByGpList;//Source list for pickList





      It is important to mention that picklist is working fine, i just need to display target list in some other datatable, any help in this case would be appreciated.