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    ejbRemove() doesn't remove the bean

    Markus Newbie


      I've tried to delete a CMP2 bean via its ejbRemove-method:

      InitialContext lContext = new InitialContext();
      PersonHome lPersonHome = (PersonHome) lContext.lookup("ejb/address/Person");
      Person lPerson = lPersonHome.findByName(pName);

      There is no exception or any other failure, but the bean isn't deleted as well.
      The code for the ejbRemove() in the PersonBean is:

      * Removes the bean
      * @ejb:interface-method view-type="remote"
      public void ejbRemove() throws RemoveException
      { }

      So Xdoclet generated the following code in the jaws.xml:


      <![CDATA[NAME = {0}]]>


      I can create the bean, modify it, find it, but I really can't delete it. I'm using Hypersonic database.
      Can someone tell me what's going wrong? Thanks!