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    How to create hover text (tooltip) for rich:fileUpload widget

    Joe Greene Newbie

      We are currently using RichFaces 3.3.3.Final, and I do not have the option right now of upgrading to the latest version.  I am using a rich:fileUpload widget, using a link to trigger the widget operation.   I noticed that there is no "title" attribute for this component, but I have a requirement to display a tooltip for this link.  I added a rich:toolTip to the component, like this:


      <rich:toolTip value="#{myLinkLabel}" for="uploadComponentId" />


      but the tooltip fires even when the mouse is way off to the right of the link, in the whitespace.  So I guess the rich:fileUpload component (id=uploadComponentId) covers the entire space on the UI, beyond just the extent of the link itself.


      Is there any easy way to limit the tooltip to fire just over the link?  It would be nice if this widget had a "title" attribute so that the link or button used to trigger the upload functionality could have hover text just like other links and buttons on the page.  Maybe 4.0 does?


      Thank you.