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    Relationships between local and remote entities

    Bryan Rall Newbie

      Is it a problem to have a relationship from a remote entity to a local entity? I have a one to many relationship between Survey (remote) beans and Page (local) beans in my system. The remote side of the of the relationship "survey.getPages()" seems to work fine from inside the remote bean (it's not exposed as an interface method of course), but the other side page.getSurvey() throws a null pointer exception.

      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.local.BaseLocalContainerInvoker.getEntityEJBLocalObject(BaseLocalContainerInvoker.java:199)
      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.bridge.JDBCCMRFieldBridge.getInstanceValue(JDBCCMRFieldBridge.java:502)
      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.bridge.JDBCCMRFieldBridge.getValue(JDBCCMRFieldBridge.java:465)
      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.bridge.EntityBridgeInvocationHandler.invoke(EntityBridgeInvocationHandler.java:124)

      Any suggestions?