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    does jboss support deployment of multiple .ear files contain

    Satyan Nair Newbie

      i have a application.ear catering to 2 databases for which i have the database conf defined in

      and i have 2 ears abc.ear and xyz.ear both of them contain the same content i.e .jar and the .war files.
      i changed the jboss.xml, jboss-web.xml and the web.xml to specifiy different JNDI names for the ejb calls.

      i have session beans getting the data from the jsp.
      Surprisingly both the application got deployed but when i run both the application which as different contexts, it gives me the same data ... i.e data from one database coming into both the application.

      i wrote a small application that i m attaching with this query for testing the multiple instances but i guess i m failing somewhere. cause it looks like it doesn't support multiple instances?

      my email javaejb@satyan.com
      would appreciate any help i get on this issue?

      Satyan Nair