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    JBoss AS 5 Microcontainer services


      Is there any page in the wiki that describes how to implement a microcontainer service in JBoss AS? The ability to extend JBoss AS by adding in custom services has always been one of the strengths of JBoss AS. It would be important to know how to do this with the new architecture.

      Right now there are a few pages about the microcontainer but all they seem to have are UML diagrams on the various classes that would be involved.

      A "Implementing Microcontainer services for dummies" version would be appreciated. This would also be useful info for the "admin guide" if a similar resource is being made available for AS 5.

      Information on how to turn a MBean service into a POJO microcontainer service might be helpful also.

      Are MBean services still deployable to JBoss AS 5? I heard at some point in the past they weren't going to be.