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    Simple doubt about rich:hotkey in RichFaces4.2.3

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I have a page where the user types some filter parameters and after clicks a "filter button", the page updates a dataTable, like this:




      I would like to map buttons to keys... "filter button" = CTRL+RETURN, "cancel button" = ESC and "insert button" = INS.


      But I look at sample code from Showcase http://showcase.richfaces.org/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=hotKey&skin=blueSky

      and I didn't get to use. I need the keys to work anywhere in the form, not just if the focus is into a component, like Showcase picklist.


      And I think the Showcase explanations for options are not so clear.


      Other question: where do I find a documentation listing all the keys possible? Because I found RETURN looking Showcase sample, if

      there wasn't it, I would try for example CTRL+ENTER (wrongly).