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    jboss as-7 mdb

    john gregory Newbie

      I've created and deployed an mdb to a jboss-7as instance I have.  In my standalone-full.xml, I created a

      queue, which when I start the server see is bound to a jndi name.  When I deploy the mdb, I should see

      some logging print out as the mdb has an init()...however, all I see is that it deployed my jar file.


      I had started configuring hornetq for jboss as-6, and when I deployed the mdb, a whole lot of logging

      was going on...mainly, that it was bound to the queue I created and that there was no user specified.

      I'm wondering whether it's a configuration issue or something else.


      Also, in looking into this issue, I've seen some examples that set/use an ActivationConfigProperty for

      username...however I see an error that it will be ignored by the resouce adapter: hornetq-ra.