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    No eth0 device with Scientific Linux 5

    foobie Newbie

      Hi, I'm trying to build an appliance using SL5 but am unable to get an internet connection. I'm using boxgrinder-build- in the i686 v1.7 meta-appliance. I've tried this with a variety of different appl settings and have used libvirt, virtualbox, and ec2 for running the images. A simple example appl is this:

      name: sl-5

      summary: Test


        name: sl

        version: 5

        password: pass


        - @core


        cpus: 1

        memory: 1024  



            size: 10   

            type: ext4


      What I find is that I get the following error in SL5 when /etc/init.d/network starts:

      Bringing up interface eth0:  RTNeTLINK answers: No such device

      The network always seems to work fine with centos if I can get it to build (the above appl with centos replacing sl fails after "GFS: list_partitions = []" leading to "TypeError: can't convert nil into String" for example). The only suggestion I could find on google was to add "NOZEROCONF=yes" to /etc/sysconfig/network. That does eliminate the above error but no network connection is established if I do this.


      Is this a problem that others have seen?