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    NULL in path expressions / EJB QL bug?

    Hendrik Levsen Newbie


      does the occurrence of path expressions in an EJB QL query imply that all your path components have to be non-null?

      I have a Person and an Address bean, the Person pointing to the Address, and some persons do not have addresses stored, so their address CMR field is NULL.

      When querying, I specify e.g.

      ... WHERE person.address IS NULL OR person.address.country = 'US'

      then the persons with a NULL address are not returned. Inspecting the SQL that JBoss generates, I find a simple join of two tables made by a cross product and PK matching. This would more require soming of an outer join, if I remember DB lessons correctly, but hey, I chose EJB so that I don't need to understand SQL.

      Someone clarify this please.



      P.S. What is the value of the above path expression when person.address is null? I would assume null, but I couldn't find any concrete definition in the EJB QL spec.