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    Transaction partially committed

    Noel Rocher Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I'm using JBoss 3.0.3 and a non-XA MSSQL2000 datasource.

      I work with EJB CMP2.0 with commit option to "Mandatory" and I use Stateless Session beans to manipulates my CMPs. The commit option for my Stateless EJBs is "Required".

      I the ejbCreate() Methode of a CMP, I use another getNewValue() from a Counter EJB CMP bean that increment its value :

      EJB CMP
      ejbCreate(...) throws ...


      (retrieve the CounterLocal CMP)

      setId( counterLocal.getNewValue() )
      catch ( ... )

      return null

      When the create fails (not caused by the call to the counter method), the counter is incremented.

      My container commit-option is the default B value.That is the same as C if I configure my beans as I told you here above.

      Is there something else to setup ?