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    rich:dropDownMenu not rendered correctly in rich:extendedDataTable

    Brett Williamson Newbie



      I am placing a rich:dropDownMenu in a column in a rich:extendedDataTable and have the problem where the drop down menu is rendered INSIDE the column, ie, the menu items dissapear under the table. This was not the case in Richfaces 3 (I'm currently attempting migration to Richfaces 4).  I have tried working with z-index on various rich-faces styles with no success.  The following image shows the symptom:


      ScreenHunter_16 Jan. 09 17.55.jpg


      rich:dropDownMenu is declared inside a column as follows:



      <rich:dropDownMenu id="${id}" hideDelay="80" showDelay="0"
              direction="bottomRight" jointPoint="topRight">
              <f:facet name="label">
                          value="${initParam.farmconnectImagesDir}/actions-24.png" />
              <ui:insert name="deviceActionMenuItems" />


      Thanks alot for any feedback.