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    JBoss 4.2, log4j: use more than one jboss-log4j.xml (or a folder for configurations)

    slowfly Newbie

      Hi there


      We currently are trying to centralise our configurations, and one very-nice-to-have-thingy would be to have something like a "log4j-configuration-folder", similar to the deploy-folders which are configured in the jboss-service.xml. The folder should look something like this:





      The main goal should be to have one default configuration which "fits for all". If one would like to have his own application-log-file or application-audit-logfile, we set up the configuration and put it into the separate folder. We'd like to have it this way, because we sometimes have lots of applications on our jboss instances and the log4j.xml grows over time and we do not know which loggers and appenders are up to date. Log levels are going to DEBUG, back to WARN, maybe not, but should, Appenders are set up and not deleted, etc. With separated configurations we can assign configurations to applications and in our opinion it would be much easier to maintain,...


      First question: Is there a built-in mechanism in JBoss to acquire this requirement? If not, what topics should I look up?

      Second question: What do you guys think about the idea itself? Maybe some sentence which start with "This idea is awesome, because" or "Haha, you will totally fail, because" would be nice to get a feeling about it...


      Thanks and Best Regards